All Natural Shampoo Bar with Essential Oils - Plastic Free

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At Elizabeth & Ernest, we make sure all our products are natural ethical and sustainable, these shampoo bars are no different.

Our all-natural shampoo it's a great alternative to liquid shampoo you get in plastic bottles, it lathers up just as well too. Made using the finest all-natural ingredients it creates a luxurious soapy lather. Bursting with great aromas, inspired by the repurposed teas used to create the natural colourings. Our shampoos come in two great scents, each essential oil has its own blend to enhance your wellbeing.

Orange & Grapefruit - The orange promotes a feeling of happiness and warmth and is
complemented with delicious fresh base notes of grapefruit that increase energy and enhances mood making this a fresh uplifting combination.
Peppermint & Jasmine - The peppermint brings a refreshing calming effect and is complemented
with delicious fresh floral base notes of Jasmine that soothes relaxes and uplifts making this the dreamiest of combinations.

What makes our shampoo great for your home?

• Made using all-natural ingredients

• Palm oil-free

• Leaves hair glossy and shinney with all their natural oils.

• Repurposed tea leaves for colouring and decoration

• Scented using quality essential oils for an all-natural shampoo

• The medium scent throw - not overpowering but subtlely scents
the room

• Plastic-free paper wrapping and labels that can all be recycled or composted

• Handcrafted in Cornwall

We try and repurpose items from local businesses that would normally go to waste. The shampoos have been coloured by ground used tea leaves from the Koffi lodge Gunnislake. These tea leaves inspire the wonderful aromas we put in our candle. Each shampoo bar is lovingly handmade in our warehouse in Cornwall using a hot process method giving the bar its rustic charm.

Other important information

Each soap is cut by hand so these dimensions are approximate :
Height: 3 cm
Width: 7 cm

eight: 100g

These shampoo have been made using all-natural ingredients but if you have sensitive skin please do a patch test before using on your head.

Some things to note

Due to the current situation I will only be dispatching my orders once a week to limit travel from my house. I have now set up my business at home for the foreseeable future to limit the amount of time I'm out and to ensure I can carry on fulfilling orders. The dispatch date is displayed at the top of the description.