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Corporate Gifts with a Touch of Thoughtfulness: Introducing Elizabeth & Ernest

When it comes to corporate gifting, finding something that aligns with your values and leaves a lasting impression can be a challenge. That's where Elizabeth and Ernest steps in. We're not your typical corporate gifting solution; we're all about things that are natural, sustainable, and ethically made.


Our journey began with a simple idea and a passion for thoughtful gifting. In 2017, our founder, Lucy, found herself on a quest to make a positive impact on the environment. She noticed the lack of sustainable, plastic-free gift options in the market and decided to create a change. The result? Elizabeth and Ernest, a brand dedicated to eco-friendly, meaningful gifts.


Are you in need of gifts for an upcoming corporate event, a marketing agency searching for something special for your clients, or a PA looking to impress the CEO with branded company parties? Look no further – we have you covered.


Here's what sets us apart:

  1. Customised Branding: We have experience working with some of the UK's biggest brands, creating customized products for events and functions. We can design and create stickers, labels, and gift tags with your branding, making your gifts a true representation of your company.
  1. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: At Elizabeth and Ernest, we understand the importance of sustainability. Our gifts are eco-friendly, perfect for expressing your corporate responsibility and environmental awareness.
  1. Flexibility: Whether you need gifts for employees, clients, or festive occasions, we cater to all your sustainable corporate gifting needs. You can even discuss eco-friendly Christmas gifts for staff or clients year-round.
  1. Personalization: We offer the option to add personalized messages, ensuring that your gifts carry a unique touch that resonates with your recipients.
  1. No Minimum Order Quantities: Worried about having to meet a certain order quantity? With us, there are no fixed minimums. You can order the quantity that best suits your needs.
  1. Individually Hand-Wrapped: We believe that presentation matters just as much as the gift itself. That's why each gift is individually hand-wrapped, adding an extra layer of care and thoughtfulness.
  1. Direct Shipping: Whether you need your gifts sent to one location or multiple addresses, we've got you covered. We can make the process as seamless as possible, delivering bulk orders directly to your event, function, or business premises.


In a world where corporate gifting often lacks a personal touch, Elizabeth and Ernest brings a new level of thoughtfulness to the table. With us, you can give back to the environment, make a positive impact, and leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

So, the next time you're looking for corporate gifts, remember that Elizabeth and Ernest is here to make eco-friendly corporate gifting simple, sustainable, and unforgettable. Let us help you create gifts that are as unique and meaningful as your brand.

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