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♻️ Recycling & Repurposing ♻️

Elizabeth & Ernest eco friendly wrapping
We started this company to help you gift loved ones while being kind to the planet. An important part of that is informing you and the giftee how to recycle and dispose of all our items so they cause no lasting effect to the environment. We think this is where a lot of other companies fail, as just sticking a recycle logo on packaging but not saying whats its made form or how to recycle correctly is misinformative. We want to keep as much plastic out of our oceans and landfill as possible, so everything we use is circular. But what can you do once your gift has arrived? Read below to find out!

External Packaging and Postage Label - 

External Packaging
Materials: Paper, Adhesive

How To: The external envelope is made from  paper, so this can be shredded and composted or placed with your household paper recycling. The postage label is also paper, so this may remain on the envelope when being recycled.


Cotton wool Tie - 

customer photo
Materials: 100% Cotton

How To: Cotton can be cut into small sections and placed in your home composter at the end of its life cycle. Alternatively you can put in textiles recycling. However, we recommend re-purposing the cotton tie. You could plait the wool to make a bookmark, tie another gift or create a friendship bracelet like Hannah by following the tutorial.

 - Hannah's creation. Click here to follow the same tutorial as Hannah!


Tissue Paper, Gift Tag and Gift Box - 

Tissue paper, box and tag
Materials: Paper, Cardboard

How To: The gift box tissue paper can be reused, shredded and home composted or placed in your household paper recycling. The cardboard box and gift tag can be disposed of in the same way (home card recycling), however, if you wish to re-purpose the box, we recommend using it to store stationery, organise herbs and spices, or even keep garden seeds together! 


Sweet Bag - 

sweet bags
Materials: Cellulose, Paper, Adhesive

How To: Once you have eaten our delicious sweets hear is how to recycle the evidence. Our bags are made from cellulose derived from wood pulp. We have made sure to pick a home compostable cellulose for ease, just cut up into smaller sections for effective composting. The stickers are paper-based, meaning these can also be composted.


Soap Wrap - 

soap wraps
Materials: Recycled Paper, Paper, Adhesive 

How To: The external soap wrap is made from recycled paper and we used paper tape to seal the ends. These can be placed with your domestic paper recycling, or composted at home. The sticker is also paper-based, so this can remain with the soap wrap. 


Candle Jar and Lid - 

candle jar and lid
Materials: Glass, Paper, Aluminum, Adhesive

How To: To remove any excess wax once you are finished burning your candle, place in the sink and pour in boiling water. Once cooled pull out hard wax, put in another candle or as the wax is natural and soy-based it can be placed in a home composter. The glass can then be recycled in glass recycling. The lid can go in the aluminum recycling. 


Tealight - 

tealight cup and packet
Materials: Aluminum, Rice Paper, Paper

How To: In the sink pour boiling water in the aluminium cup to melt away any excess wax. Once clean, the cup can be disposed of in your domestic metal waste for tins, cans, and aluminium packaging. The packet is made from glassine paper (wood pulp) and may be home composted along with the paper sticker still attached. 


Shredded Cardboard and Paper - 

paper packaging
Materials: Cardboard, Paper

How To: We use recycled packaging materials to protect some of our products in transit. This can either be paper, or shredded cardboard. Both can be composted at home, or recycled in your household paper/cardboard recycling, if you do not wish to re-use it in future. Why not re-purpose some into pet bedding? 


Seed Ball Tube and Wood Wool -

seed ball packaging
Materials: Cardboard, Wood Wood, Paper, Adhesive

How To: The cardboard tube used to enclose the seed balls can be reused as you see fit. We've seen them used for storing small pieces of jewelry, crayons and other stationary, just decorate in any style you wish. If you don't wish to reuse it can be placed in your card recycling with the sticker attached or cut up and put in your home composter along with the wood wool.


We hope you have found everything you need to recycle our packaging effectively. If you still have questions or If you think we can do something better pleased get in touch, we are always open to suggestions and constructive criticism.